Angie and Jim’s Wedding

This was a fun time. The wedding was at Big Sur, California. Big Sur is right along the west coast and there are definitely some amazing views to see in this area. It’s also not too far from Monterey and Pebble Beach.

The wedding was great. The setting was perfect as was the weather. We also got to see many of our friends from Expedia.


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Laura Comes to Visit

Today, Laura came to visit with her parents, babies Casey and Piper. The babies have really grown up now and it’s seems so long ago that Kaili was that small.

Kaili seems to do well with anyone whether they be big kids or even small babies. It’ll be interesting to see how she does as a big sister when the time comes.

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Kaili’s Birthday – Part Deux

This year we did not have 3 parties. The first was our own little family celebration and the next one was with Lucille’s relatives.

Here’s Kaili enjoying cake yet again.


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LiLi’s Wedding

We went to a wedding on August 6, 2006. Lucille’s friend Lili Liu was getting married. We were at the UW Horticulture Center.

It was a nice wedding, with great weather outdoors and plenty of sunshine, so much so that the parasols came in handy.


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Kaili’s 2nd Birthday

Wow, can’t believe it’s been two years already. Kaili has grown up a lot at the same time she’s still really young. We had a nice quiet celebration at home for her. Same candle as last year. For this year’s birthday we got her a Thomas train set (talk about making money off a brandname) which she likes a lot.

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Peanut and Ting Ting

 Ting Ting is Kail’s best friend. They spend many play dates together. Seems like they have many of the same toys and share the same interests. I believe Ting Ting is a few months older than Kaili.


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Banff in the Summer


Another one of those things that any trip to Calgary is not complete without. I’ve taken Lucille to Banff before but that was during winter. That’s great too but Banff is truly spectacular in the summer time. The air is so clean, the surrounding trees are very green, the mountains are amazing to look at and the water at Lake Louise and Moraine Lake is incredible to see.

We stayed at the Rimrock Hotel. Right next to the hotel is the gondola ride up to the summit. From there you can see the entire town of Banff.

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