Day 2 in Hong Kong

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Our day started at 5am. We suspected the jet leg to hit and it did. The hardest thing we found at 5am in the Central district was that there are no 24hr noodle shops, at least not that I could find. However we did find some that were open reasonably early, 7am I think. We ate at a good little noodle house across the street from Yung Kee. It was still reasonably warm and humid this early in the morning. We also went to a nice bakery across the street, I believe it was called Kee Wah Bakery. Very nice as everything is wrapped up and really fresh. You’d think it was a candy store. Yum.

We went to 3 or 4 glasses store until we settled on one Fox’s Optical at the recommendation of our friends. It worked out quite well. They were really helpful and Lucille and I bought glasses each. We’ll see what the quality is like on Monday.

We had a really busy day from shopping for glasses in the morning to then having to meet my parents and some of my mom’s relatives at noon for dim sum. We went to Unicorn in Causeway Bay. The food was just ok, I think I had higher expectations for the dim sum for some reason. Causeway Bay was extremely busy and full of lots of people. We went to SOGO Japanese department store as well to look for some things.

Next up was to go and visit my grandma at the nunnery/monastery. She has lived here for 11 years. This was the first time she got to meet Lucille and Kaili. My grandma was amazing for being 99 years old. She was walking, could see, hear and very lucid. We sat around and talked with her for a while. It was pretty amazing to think that there was almost a 100 years difference between Kaili and her. Also pretty amazing I think for Kaili to see her great grandma. It’s something I never got to do. Hopefully Kaili will remember it somewhere in the back of her mind and hopefully through our pictures.

The time was past 4pm now and Kaili had not taken a nap at all. We knew dinner was at 6:30pm that night so we were going to be challenged at dinner unless we were able to get her back to the hotel for a nap. We ended up all taking a nap and by the time we got up (7pm) Kaili was still asleep. In fact she stayed asleep for the remainder of the evening, even at the restaurant. We ate around Causeway Bay again that evening. it was again really crowded. Both Lucille and I commented on the resemblance of the Causeway Bay area (exiting from the MTR station at the Victoria Park exit) that it was like Tokyo. Lots of bright neon lights, electronic stores, tons of younger people walking around. I felt like it reminded me of Shingjuku. Anyway, the dinner was reasonably good. We went to dinner with my dad’s 7th younger sister and her husband. Going form the hot humid air to blasting air conditioning and being cold can be a shock. I think we were back at the hotel by 10am and all went promptly to sleep.

Next up is Sunday and here I am blogging at 4:30am as Kaili obviously finally got up. We are watching Chicken Little and waiting for the next day to begin. We’ll see if we can squeeze in some more sleep since it’s Sunday and stores don’t open til around 10:30am


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Day 3 in Hong Kong

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