Day 3 in Hong Kong

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The day began with us going to the IFC mall. This mall has quite a few of the high end shops in it. What’s interesting is that IFC building 1 appears to be the tallest building in Hong Kong. You see this quite evidently in the central district of Hong Kong when you get there. You can’t miss it as it has spikes on top of the building. While we were walking to the mall and coming back from it we noticed there were lots of Philipino women hanging around. Some well dressed and others not as well. Apparently these women are the house servants of many people in Hong Kong. Sunday is there day off and they hang out with many of their friends. It was really quite a congregation. Some shop, some just hang out on the bridge, even some sat together in the middle of one road and had what was essentially a large picnic. Just an interesting sight to see.

Next we went to Causeway Bay and had dim sum at Times Square. After that we toured the electronics section on the 8th floor of Times Square. There is an entire floor dedicated to stores which sell nothing but cell phones, cameras, stereo equipment, appliances, tv’s, etc. Hard to figure out what to get or who to buy it from or if it’s every worth it to buy. At this point I have not bought anything as the prices didn’t appear to be that great and it wasn’t like you could only get it here.

We had dinner with my grandma again nearby her home. The food was odd tasting I thought as it was a restaurant that had food originating from some other area I’m not familiar with. At least Kaili was awake this time around but was squirmy as usual. I don’t think she does too well in large settings for dinner with people she doesn’t know.

Next after dinner we went to the Ladies Market on Nathan Rd and Arglye St. This market is essentially 5 blocks of stalls on both sides filled with vendors selling all kinds of stuff. This stuff includes fake watches, handbags, cheap clothes, shoes, toys, etc. Everyone loves to come here and bargain. When you think about it though the amount of time one spends bargaining probably isn’t worth it. ex. arguing for the difference between $8HK is just over a $1 USD. I think people do it for the fun and to walk away feeling like they got something out of the deal. We bought some slippers for Kaili and she has been longing for these.

A few things I’ve noticed in Hong Kong so far. The city seems to have really been cleaned up. The last time I came here 11 years ago it seemed much more dirty to me. The areas where we have been appear to be much more civilized and orderly. People have gotten taller (or am I shrinking?). The food isn’t at good as I thought it was going to be. I knew it would be good, as good as Vancouver but I was expecting somewhat better but have yet to experience it.


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