Night Shopping in Taipei

May 23, 2006 at 3:42 pm Leave a comment

Sorry for the delay. I was wondering prior to this vacation whether I would get sick from something or not. Sure enough it happened in Taipei. Not sure what it was but I had a mild bout of food poisoning on this day. Woke up ok but felt tired as the morning wore on and didn’t feel like eating much lunch. We had gone to this Tawainese place on the recommendation of one of Lucille’s friends. Speciailized in chicken dishes. Boy was there a lot of them. We had this wine cooked chicken soup. Good golly, I know that I can drink a stiff Scotch but whatever was in this soup was really intense. Combined with the herbs in it I thought they must have cooked it in vodka or rice wine. I told Lucille’s dad it was too strong for a soup for me. First I thought I had caught a chill or cold but then realized that wasn’t it. I (actually we) spent the afternoon pretty much resting in the hotel room. Fortunately after a while I felt a little better or at least could function (still no eating desire).

We went to a Mitsukoshi shopping mall to get some cosmetic stuff for Lucille and her friend then downstairs to the usual food courts to get some food for Lucille and Kaili (remember, still didn’t feel like eating). Since we had come all this way to Taiwan and not knowing when we’d get back I toughed it out and we went to the Shilin Night Market. I’m really glad we went though. This is the second time I’ve been with Lucille shopping and had food poisoning 🙂 Anyway, the Night Market had all kinds of stuff you could buy. It was less packed in that the Ladies Street Market in Hong Kong and had way more stuff. Fortunately there was a major rain shower a couple of hours before which probably scared away a bunch of people but it was still “crowded”. At least it was a Monday.We saw many vendors selling shoes, clothes, Hello Kitty stuff, watches, purses, etc. But I saw some other things I didn’t in Hong Kong. There were many vendors selling food, these were reasonable looking too and much cleaner looking than in Hong Kong. Some of the vendors were obviously illegal because we were down one lane when they came hightailing it through with their street carts blazing a trail away from the police. I was wondering what the heck was going on when they tore through and Lucille told me they were yelling about the police coming. The other thing I saw was numerous vendors selling pets. They had dozens of tiny puppy dogs and kittens for sale. These were really cute pets too. At first I wondered what it was and hopefully not for food but I think people just love dogs and cats here. I certainly didn’t expect them to be at a night market though. In the end we bought Kaili some more slippers and a Hello Kitty watch which she loves. So in the end we had a good time at the market and I managed to survive just fine.


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